2023 Residents

January – February Laveen Gammie (Victoria)

March – April Moozhan Ahmadzadegan (moozhans_art IG) (Lake Country, BC)

May Theoren Jahannessen (Victoria)

June Steven Schmid (Toronto)

July Kika Thorne (London, UK)

August Beth Frey (Montreal)

September – October Nathaniel Marchand (nathaniel.marchand IG) (Vancouver)

November – December Carly Greene (Victoria)

2022 Residents

January  – February Mao Projects (Calgary)

March – April  Xan Shian (Vancouver)

May  Krystle Coughlin Silverfox (Yukon/Vancouver)

June Kathryn Shriver  (Montreal/USA) (deferred from 2020)

July Renata Minoldo  (UK/Argentina) (deferred from 2020)

August Jennifer Su (Toronto)

September – October  Sunroop Kaur (California)

November – December  Daniel Barrow (Montreal)

2021 Residents

January  – February  Eryn Lougheed (Victoria)

March – April  Elena Hoh  (Victoria) @elena.hoh

May  Lyndsay McKay (Victoria)  @540seconds

June (Cancelled due to covid travel restrictions)

July (Cancelled due to covid travel restrictions)

August (Cancelled due to covid travel restrictions)

September – October  Jack Kenna (Vancouver)

November – December Vicky Sabourin  (Montreal)

2020 Residents

January – February  Teresa Vander Meer – Chasse  (Victoria)

March – April  Shawna Kiesman   (Victoria)

June  Kathryn Shriver  (Montreal) (deferred to June 2022)

July Renata Minoldo  (UK/Argentina) (deferred to July 2022)

August  Alysha Farling (Victoria)

September – October  Clare Samuel  (Toronto)

November – December  Kristy and James Crawford  (Victoria)

2019 Residents

January – February 2019 Fern Long and Mary Babineau

Long Babineau

March 2019 Anne-Marie Fortin

April 2019 Martina Kocmanova

May 2019 Cadence Planthara  @cplanth

June 2019  Brendan George Ko

July 2019 Valerie Salez

September – October  2019  Trevor Baird

November – December  Neah Kelly

2018 Residents

January – February 2018 Danielle Pasko


March – April 2018 Alex Morrison


May 2018 Caitlyn Murphy


June 2018 James Gardner


July — August 2018 guest ceramist Sarah Leckie IG @sarahleckieceramics

IMG_0461 (1)

September – October 2018 Sylvie Ringer


November – December 2018 Matthis Grunsky


2017 Residents

January – March 2017  Anna Heywood-Jones


May 2017 Alyssa Ellis


June 2017 Emily Harrison

September – November 2017  Elizabeth Charters

2016 Residents

January – March:  Margaret Hantiuk

Victoria, BC, Artist, Residency, Art Residency, Bonnie McComb Kreye

May – July:  Catherine Spencer

September – November:  Mary Babineau